Sunday, June 12, 2022

this week...

I have been reviewing two soon-to-be published excerpts from my book, Wisdom of Our Hands. One will be in Quercus Magazine in the UK (also distributed in the US) and the other in Woodworker West. Each focuses on different sections of the book. 

I learned this morning that my Wisdom of Our Hands book is in its second printing. That's a good sign that the message within it is gaining traction.

This coming week will be my last as director of the woodworking program at the Clear Spring School. And so I hope to step into a broader but continued role as an advocate for hands-on learning. 

Also this coming week, my Guide to Woodworking with Kids will be back in the warehouse and ready for sales with a reprint being complete. On Saturday I have a class on making spoon carving knives to be held for adults at ESSA. The class will involve both the blacksmithing studio and wood studio at ESSA. We'll make both straight whittling knives and my own improved version of spoon carving knives.

Make, fix and create...

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