Thursday, December 16, 2021

a mess of boxes

My woodshop is a mess with over 20 boxes nearing completion. These are all one-of-a-kind boxes as they were originally left-overs from having taught students various box making techniques. If I can get them finished they can be sold. If they can be finished they can be moved out of my woodshop to make room for the making of other things. And if I can get these boxes out of the way, I can give the shop the deep cleaning it deserves.

A friend, Kim Brand called suggesting that perhaps the best audience for my Wisdom of our hands philosophy will be found among folks in the grandparent generation. Those that grew up playing with paper, scissors and string may have noticed that their grandchildren are glued to their digital devices, and they, remembering their own childhoods will have hopes to be of use in offering creative opportunities to their progeny. Parents may be too busy and consumed attempting to make money and since most schools are unlikely to propel students into crafts, grandparents may be the ones to save human culture.

John G. Neihard wrote the book Black Elk Speaks, recording the words and philosophy of Black Elk. He also wrote a book of historic fiction called "When the Tree Flowered," about life among the indigenous peoples of the northern plaines. His description of the role played by grandparents is something we should all note. The tradition was that those of the grandparent's generation were the ones to impart human culture to the young.

So, in other words, my friend Kim is onto something you may have noticed as well.

Make, fix and create.

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