Sunday, October 03, 2021

vaccine policy

Things are opening up and as more folks become vaccinated we are beginning to feel safe returning to normal activities. The Eureka Springs School of the Arts is returning to live classes and I'm grateful for that. Vaccinations are required for participation.

Getting vaccinated is a reasonable way of helping each other be safe and the most practical way of assuring that life returns to normal.

This week the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers explained their board's decision to require vaccination of all those using their shop as follows:

"We are aware that not everyone will elect to be vaccinated, however the board approval of this measure demonstrates our commitment to maintaining safety measures protecting our membership. This measure will certainly have a negative effect on a few members, but we believe it will allow a larger number of members to, after 20 months of staying away, finally have enough confidence to take part in and contribute to valuable teaching and mentoring commitments, as well as ability to work on their own projects in the Guild Shop. It is not fair or logical for these constructive folks to be discouraged at risk of their lives from contributing to our Guild, in consequence of our hosting unvaccinated members.

Unvaccinated population is propagating continued spread of the virus, endangering lives by overpowering hospitals and healthcare workers, to the exclusion of life-saving treatment for other medical conditions."

I think that's rather well put. This week, also in their newsletter is a review of my "Guide to Woodworking with Kids," written by a friend, Bob Sokolow.

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