Saturday, June 20, 2020

Let's look at this...

Let's look at this. The photo shows a girl working at a woodworking bench in school in 1918, and as schools are almost never equipped with such things today, we must wonder where things went wrong. 

So what went wrong and how do we fix it? A few years ago I had the opportunity to speak at the Craft Organization Development Association's national convention. A woman came up to me after my talk to tell me that she had bought woodworking tools for her grandson, but that her daughter in law would not allow them in her house. She was afraid her son would make a mess in her home while the grandmother, knowing the value of the arts, and creative expression was afraid the mother was making a mess of her grandson. 

There has been a failure in getting folks in the general public to understand the nature and real benefits of creativity. Children develop both character and intellect when given the opportunity to create useful beauty to be shared with family and community. Please stand with me in launching a change of view. 

The public relations firm helping in the promotion of my new book, The Guide to Woodworking with Kids is having a good response from woodworking clubs and magazines. You can help, too, by buying the book and sharing it with family and friends. Amazon is currently offering a special price, 3 for the price of two, meaning buy two and get one free.

Unlike tangible, tactile tools of the trade, digital devices give the false impression of creativity. We watch with wonder at what a toddler can do with an iPhone, neglecting to note that the creativity was coded and pre-formatted as an element of deception. Unless the child is doing the coding, no real creativity is taking place. 

Every classroom in America should have at least one woodworking bench. Even those classes at upper levels. It would serve at the very least, as a reminder that we are all have real work to do, making the world a better place.

Make, fix and create. Assist others in learning lifewise.

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