Tuesday, February 04, 2020

the process

Each day, I push things forward just a bit. I spent a good bit of time yesterday reviewing the first draft of my Guide to Woodworking with Kids. It promises to be a good book, giving greater confidence to parents, grandparents and teachers to help their children get started in woodworking.

In the new wood studio at the Clear Spring School, I continue organizing in the new space, as we hold classes for grades K through 12.

I got an email from a fellow box maker saying this:
I have been making boxes for some time now and have never been terribly happy with them now I have purchased the Box Making video and cannot believe how well done it is, I have been building sleds and jigs for days now getting ready to start. Thank you very very much.
All I can say is "you're welcome." I am also grateful that I've been able to help. Isn't that what we're here for?

Make, fix, create and assist others in learning lifewise.

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