Wednesday, September 25, 2019

big cubes

Yesterday in the Clear Spring School wood shop I prepared stock for my lower middle school students to make small white oak spatulas. The idea was a stimulated by the educational sloyd recognition that children need to make things that are useful to their families and in the home as a way to build the student's self-esteem and build a strong relationship between home and school. The kids were excited, particularly by the cake knife I'd made as a gift whose birthday yesterday involved cake. They went home with small spatulas fo their own design. Marco said he needed his to cut his burrito. He made three and wants to make more today.

With the elementary school students we began making boxes.

With more Froebel blocks added to the Clear Spring School playground, I decided to mix up the way they have been used as late, by putting them into their classic forms, two large cubes. I wanted to observe how the students used them next.

Make, fix, and create.

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