Sunday, August 04, 2019

the epidemic of gun violence.

We are facing an epidemic of gun violence in the US, and our friends around the world must be mesmerized by the stupidity of our legislators, who stand by with thoughts and prayers and no action. Yesterday separate incidents in Texas and Ohio left at least 29 dead and the lives of others shattered.

Republicans and some Democrats have been made powerless by their ideology and their fears that gun rights advocates will punish them at election time if they stand up against guns. Families and communities are forced to stand by helplessly as politicians refuse to even debate the issue.

Some blame it all on mental health. We also have politicians who fan the flames of ideology and race who set things on edge and pit folks violently against one another.

Can we not yet admit that American fascination with guns is a mental illness that affects us all? Guns provide a perverted sense of agency that would have been better provided by engagement in the creative arts. All of us need to feel as though we have power and some sense of control. And we can get that though the creation of useful beauty, thereby strengthening our social fabric, and leading us toward a more civil and just society.

Today I make a brief presentation at the UU fellowship in Eureka Springs, on how the engagement of the hands can help process grief. When the world grieves for victims of gun violence, politicians  offering "thoughts and prayers" is like saying, "Hey bud, I really feel for ya. So sorry. Better luck next time." When will they take concrete steps to fix things or make things better? I would have thought that the murder Kindergarten students at Sandy Hook would have pushed things over the edge and forced politicians to act, but I failed to realize how deeply and badly corrupted our politicians had become.

Make, fix, and create. Encourage others to learn likewise.


  1. Doug - We have different political beliefs and we should not converse about it. I bought your book 3-4 years ago and studied it carefully. Decided I could not do those beautiful boxes. Then I got this message in my inbox, and have decided I CAN do them. FYI - I carry a pistol in my pocket when I go to any large store: Walmart for example. Following two church shootings, I now carry it to church. Who would have thought one might be wise to carry a firearm to church?? Some elements of society have gone backwards in the development of humans.
    I have been WWing nigh on to 20 years, and made 100s of scroll saw small boxes for family. Finishing two live edge shelves today, then will try my hand at wooded American Flags.
    Marvin’s Tiny Wood Shop
    Live edge tables- dining, coffee or end * Cedar chests * toy chests. Bookcases * Quilt ladders, Counter tops * Ball point pens and FREE ink refills.

  2. On that pistol, I pray that you never feel the need to use it.