Monday, March 04, 2019

a table to inspire a table...

Customers and I have moved toward a table base design by running through many of my old projects to arrive at something we all like. The table shown in the photo is one that I did almost 10 years ago during the economic collapse at the end of the Bush presidency in which many of us wondered whether we would be launched into another great depression.

I took the time of no work in sight to turn to my storage barn and make tables out of whatever I could find. With all my time being "spare time" I made 10 or 11 tables and sold almost all as the economy began to pick up.

Some may remember losing homes, or loss of value in homes and the serious unemployment that resulted from the near collapse of the banking industry. It took longer than the first term of the Obama administration to get the economy back on track, while the Republicans resisted spending on infrastructure that was intended to put folks back to work and get things fixed at a bargain rate. The Republican deficit hawks were against deficits and raved about the ballooning national debt. Now with huge deficits resulting from the Trump tax cuts, none worry about a balanced budget. Hypocrisy works well in politics, but not so well in craftsmanship.

During the great depression in the 1930's, furniture manufacturers turned to scrap wood to continue work.  I followed their model by carefully using what I had at hand, so it is useful to have at least some knowledge of history.

I began this table during a workshop hosted by the Little Rock Woodworking Guild and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and then finished it in my own shop. The top is walnut consisting of two consecutively sawn boards. The two part base is made of oak that has been ebonized to achieve its black color. The stones are inlaid to accentuate and cover minor imperfections in the wood. The design of the base is utterly simple and will serve well when used with a natural edged top.

Make, fix and create...

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