Thursday, February 01, 2018


Mario Rodriguez is another Fine Woodworking writer who has started woodworking with kids, and his experience is described here: on the Fine Woodworking website. A few more and we'll have a movement.

Mario has long been  a teacher of adults. You can tell from the interview that he's found equal or  greater rewards in teaching kids.

Today I go to Harrison for a meeting at North Arkansas Community College and then on to Little Rock for a meeting at the Arkansas Arts Council on Friday. When my 4th, 5th and 6th grade students learned that I'll be out on Friday they asked if they could have class yesterday instead, so we did. The students were all very happy to be in wood shop.

My students would opt for every day wood shop if I and my fellow teachers could manage it.

The photo is of a puzzle made yesterday by a second grade student. I had asked that they add other things to their puzzles to add interest. Colored papers and bits of wood were suggested. Aside from being a puzzle, I cannot tell you what this is, but the students have been taking them home in bags and challenging their older siblings and parents to put them together.

Make, fix, and create...

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