Sunday, September 18, 2016

My second group...

We had our second group of visitors from the American Folk Art museum, and I was ready for them with a display of my work. But in the confusion of it all, I neglected to invite them to visit this blog.

They had enjoyed their visit to the Crystal Bridges Museum, and to Thorncrown Chapel, and wanted to buy a few hand made things.

The interesting thing about technology and its continued application is that it speeds things up to the point that the objects made lose value. This is not just a matter of there being so many objects that they become a nuisance, but that the amount of actual human attention and intention is diminished within them, and its the investment of humanity in a object that brings material to life.

We are, however, in an age of massive delusion. Here in the USA we are engaged in the process of choosing our president based on how boisterously he lies, whereas in a simpler time, the truth mattered. Those who are actively engaged in the making of useful beauty through their own hands would be able to recognize it and not be deceived.

Today I'll be putting things away, preparing for tomorrow's classes, and taking a few last minute photos for my 11th book Making Classic Toys that Teach.

Make, fix, create, and offer your example that others may learn likewise.

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