Friday, May 20, 2016

kids work

My second grade student's fanciful triple wing prop/jet will be treasured for weeks. It is more or less a collection of everything he knows about airplanes. It has wheels, wings, jet engines, propellers at front and rear, and the top wing rotates to give some control during flight. (Have real aeronautical engineers thought of that?) The extra wheels give the pilot something to do. The green golf tee is used to lock the wing in position.

I realize at this point, that a revolution in the way we teach kids is not coming soon. Enabling personal creativity is not the goal of public education. If it produces a steady stream of consumers, mired ball and chain to the measurable economy, the financiers and politicians they control are happy indeed.

But when you take matters into your own hands, by making your own toys, or making your own music, or by making beauty and meaning in your own life, you are withdrawing at least in small measure from the control of those who care so little for what they've messed up.

The school gerbil died yesterday morning and 4th 5th and sixth grade students came into the wood shop to build a coffin and to make a memorial marker. The graveside service was a sweet thing. Lil Scratch and his partner Chewy lived good lives, and brought a great deal of joy to our students over the last 3 years.

I have two more days of class at the Clear Spring School and then will begin an intense cleaning of the wood shop to prepare for ESSA classes.

I have nearly finished a second ukulele, and will spend the day getting ready for the White St. Art Walk which will take place between 4-10 PM here in Eureka Springs.

As usual, during the White St. Art Walk, I will be displaying and selling my work at Lux Weaving Studio. Come and see. I will be signing copies of my new book.

Unsigned copies are available at a discount from the link below. Use the code STOWE15 to receive a 15% discount.

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Make, fix, create and extend to others the chance of learning likewise.

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