Thursday, February 25, 2016

as I mentioned....

As I mentioned yesterday, I've brought home three of the guitars I made recently in school, and I have a fourth that I made a few years back. Have I mentioned how it can feel to to pick up an instrument that one has made and hear the sounds that come from one's attempts to play? Even if one has no skill in that particular part of the operation, pleasure can arise from the effort to play. Open G tuning makes these simple guitars sound good regardless of how inept I might be. I play one and then another, with my current favorite being my Jackson Pollack inspired guitar shown above.

I am off from school for the next two days as teachers conduct individual conferences with parents and students. Yesterday we were off from school to complete conference reports. From this point in the school year to the close of the school year will pass by in haste, as it always does.

My good friend and assistant from Marc Adams School, Jerry Forshee, has an article in the current issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Look for the full article on the newsstands in about a week or so. In the meantime, I am getting ready for 7 days of woodworking with the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers. I have 4 distinct classes scheduled, and you can find a link here. You will find that there is still time to sign up, with the first class beginning on March 19.

I am expecting to sign contracts for two books during the coming weeks. One is for a book about box guitars, and the other for a more general audience book about the Wisdom of the Hands. This latter book will cover the various subjects raised in the blog over the last 9 years. (my 10th anniversary of this blog will be reached in October of this year.) If you have a favorite subject related to the hands, and as I work on a new outline of that book, please feel free to comment below.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the love of learning likewise.
Or in Swedish: Gör, fixa, skapa, och sträcker sig till andra kärlek lärande också.

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