Monday, January 25, 2016

New 90°cut off box...

I continue to experiment with ways to assist elementary school teachers and for that I'm making some new 90 degree cut off boxes for use with dovetail saws. They work like  miter boxes.

In the photo you see the various parts for 4. Two will be versions that can be clamped in a vise, and two will be used with a clamp on any table top or bench.

A friend sent me a yet to be released video on woodworking at the Eliot School in Jamaica Plains. I'll be able to post it on the blog after the official release date,  their 340th anniversary in April. What I had noticed int the video was that with miter boxes clamped to the table top, students struggled to hold the stock firmly in place as it was cut. But what if the same clamp that held the miter box to the table also held the stock in place? I'm making prototypes to test in the Clear Spring School wood shop. I'm making two that can be clamped in vices and two that clamp directly to a table top or desk and that could be used in any school. If these work as I hope, I will make my sketchup illustration and cutting list available. The extended fence at the back allows for stop blocks to be used to cut parts of equal size. What I hope can come of this will be more hand tool box making. Boxes require square cuts and equal lengths and this jig with a stop block can help.

Make, fix, craft, create, and extend to others the a chance to learn likewise.

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