Friday, November 13, 2015

Heavens to Betsy, selling on Etsy.

I have had an Etsy sales site since 2008 but have neglected to keep it stocked with boxes. So yesterday afternoon and evening, I began putting work up for sale on the site.

I hope my readers enjoy seeing some of what I've been up to, and if you are up for some holiday shopping and would prefer to buy work from someone real, that you know, and whose actual hands were involved in the making of it, my Etsy store is the place to go.

One thing I learned early  as a craftsman was that I have to sell work in order to make more. Buying a home, raising a daughter and sending her off to college required that I sell lots of work over the years. In other words, fine workmanship is always a partnership opportunity. Those who buy work enable it to go forth. I have a few more items to post on Etsy for sale today, and also plan to take boxes to galleries in my long neglected marketing of my work.

According to the ideal offered by Educational Sloyd, teaching all children the basics of craftsmanship will not make tradesmen from all students (regardless of how many parents fear that might be the case) but would give all a sense of the dignity and purpose of craftsmanship. Adults may not work with wood, but if they had the opportunity to learn woodworking or any other craft, they would have a sense of appreciation for craftsmanship and would support it's growth in their communities.

Each person these days has a choice. Buy perfect machine made stuff and fill your lives with the meaninglessness of it. Or use your resources to learn and grow and encourage others in their growth. Educational Sloyd was based on an understanding of the value of workmanship. The diligent worker made things, refined his character, and built his community at the very same time. Diligent consumers did very much the same thing as they advanced the principles and dignity of craftsmanship in their own communities.

Make, fix, create and share with others the opportunity to learn likewise.

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