Friday, May 29, 2015

calling for a change of response...

Much of what I read about in the news now can be directly attributed to changes in the global climate. There are massive movements in global populations that are brought on by war, violence, expanding population, and failing agriculture. To presume these movements are unrelated to what's happening with water and soil is foolish.

The western political response has been to argue whether climate change is taking place, and whether there is anything we can do about it, as we build walls and barriers to keep people out, and spend trillions of dollars to fight terrorism whose roots lie firmly on what we've done to the climate. Would it not be a better response to stop growth in the carbon cycle carbon and put greater effort into reforestation? It seems that in most things, we have a choice of whether to take a humanitarian approach or the sword (and its more powerful allies.) It seems that humanity is still trying to figure itself out.

Taking after the God Shiva, we are either engaged creatively in our communities, or not. On the global scale, the same principles are in place. We spend money making the world a better place, or we spend greater sums, and ever growing sums to destroy. In the meantime, it will take a revolution to shift children away from sitting idly at the sidelines toward action in response to what we've done in the world. It may seem unrelated, and we may feel powerless. But even small changes in what we do will in time have effect on the whole of humanity, particularly if leveraged on the best of intentions a the clear view of effect. It is what Jean Jacques Rousseau meant when he said, "put a young man in a wood shop, his hands work to the benefit of his brain, and he becomes a philosopher while thinking himself only a craftsman."

By being engaged in craftsmanship, we shape how we think, and are provided the leverage to change the whole thing, but in a fashion that expresses personal humility.

Today I have a Clear Spring School board meeting, and then hope to spend just bit of time making a tiny turned box.

Make, fix and create...

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