Wednesday, February 04, 2015

drills and hands...

In this day, most Americans are overwhelmed by the objects that inhabit their lives, and what we own may have become more burden than joy. This seems to not be true of the things we have made. And it seems to not be true of the tools that enable us to create. In some cases, folks being overwhelmed by the stuff in their lives creates opportunities for those who make.

Lately I've bought some hand drills on eBay to add to those in use in my wisdom of the hands program at the Clear Spring School. You can buy a good one in perfect working order for $10-15.00 plus postage. These will last a lifetime and for generations. I like the drills where you can see how they work. You might be concerned about small fingers being pinched in open gear, but I've found that this is never the case. Both hands are required on the tool, safe from the meshing of the gears, and to see how it works is a treat that invites an an investigation of the secret workings of things.

The drills shown from back to front are Montgomery Ward, Craftsman and Stanley. The Stanley and Craftsman are in near new condition. The "Monkey Ward" is slightly worn, and made more lovely by it.

Make, fix and create...

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