Friday, July 04, 2014

Katedral Skole

Peter Wesssell Tordenskjold
While In Trondheim, one of the things I planned to do was visit Katedral Skole, one of the oldest private schools in Norway. I didn't find it on my walks until after school hours, but still the parking lot was full. This school is not same as when Peter Tordenskjold attended there around 1700. Tordenskjold was a terror to his parents and was thrown out of Katedral Skole on a number of occasions. He finally escaped Katedral Skole for good in 1704 by stowing away on a ship bound for Copenhagen.

Still, he is one of their most famous alumni, and  as a Norwegian national hero, his bronze statures can be found in both Trondheim and in Oslo. Reading a biography of Admiral Peter Tordenskjold one begins to understand why he was Norway's foremost admiral and why a statue of him would grace the waterfront at Oslo. He was a man of action, and one must wonder how many men of action come from today's schooling, even in Norway. It is always ironic when an alumni whose main purpose was that of escaping schooling later becomes cherished by the school. I learned of Katedral Skole through reading Tordenskjold's biography and so it had become one of the destinations marking my journey.

I have been suffering from a severe cold and had to cancel my woodworking class at ESSA due to the amount of time lost in recovery.

I am attempting when I have the strength for it, to make 70 inlaid boxes for a corporate gifts order. Yesterday and today, I've been making inlay.

Make, fix and create...

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