Thursday, January 17, 2013

today in the wood shop...

Today I am working on walnut boxes with veneered tops, and am using the Thin Air vacuum press to glue veneer to the insides of the lids... So that when the box is opened, only beautiful wood will be seen. The outsides of the box lid will be veneered in a pattern assembled from a variety of different colors of burl and figured woods.

This particular chapter of the book will explore the use of color. The Thin Air vacuum press uses an inexpensive hand powered pump and actually works quite well, for those wanting to experiment in vacuum veneering without a great deal of expense. As you can see in the photos,  I made progress during the day. The top panels are veneered on the underside and I've rabbetted the box sides and rounded the corners of the panels to fit.

Abigail Norman, director of the Eliot School in Jamaica Plaine sent me a link to a historic text describing the role of her school in the manual arts movement. You can download a digital copy of this small book here: the Eliot School Course of Manual Training, 1892

Make, fix and create...

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