Friday, November 23, 2012

black friday...the real deal...

Let's take a lesson from reality. You may feel great scoring some cheap stuff, but in the long run, will feel far better avoiding the mobs in the first place and spending this day making your own gifts for the holiday season. Wooden boxes can be both beautiful and useful. In addition, they can engage the maker in the development of skills that apply far beyond the making of each small thing.

I will be in the wood shop today. There is no better way to spend time recovering from the excesses of the table and football games in which at least half lost, and it is far more gratifying to spend time doing something of tangible value in contrast to fighting crowds at shopping malls over this year's load of stuff.

By this afternoon, the news reports for this black Friday will be just like those from past years. Folks will have made fools of themselves in fights over cheap stuff. The economy is getting better, so you know behavior will be getting worse.

You and I on the other hand, can take quiet pleasure watching the beauty of real wood transformed to useful purpose in our own hands.

Make, fix and create...

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