Saturday, December 24, 2011

by the way, happy holidays...

Here in Arkansas, we have been cooking all day. My daughter and I went out for a last minute shopping adventure. I've been making pies, apple and pumpkin. We are set for a holiday feast. I am grateful to have my daughter Lucy home from grad school.

There are those who take offense at those of us who say "season's greetings" or "happy holidays!" in place of Merry Christmas. There is no war against Christmas despite the anger they may feel. There are many of us who may not believe that the story of great faith is exactly as was told in the Bible. For instance, there were no Christmas trees in the Bible. That symbol came through the Christian conquest of pagans. There were no ornaments, no giving of gifts, and no wishing of Merry Christmas. But these are things we have come to do, that we have grown up with and find meaning within.

This is a time for reflection, for being thankful, for giving gifts. Those gifts are best when they come from the heart, not through some obligation imposed by others wishing to control what we think, who we are or what we express of ourselves. Friends have sent me photos of some of the things they've made. Gifts made with love express the very best.

Season's greetings is an inclusive wish, that ALL may find peace, ALL may find joy, and ALL, even the least among us may enter the new year to find it better, that we may each live in better health, be more creative, more successful, more fulfilled.

Peace on Earth, goodwill to all women and men.

Make, fix and create...

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