Wednesday, September 28, 2011

today in the CSS woodshop, volume x

I have titled many of my posts "today in the CSS woodshop," because it is something I do. I teach children how to do woodworking. It is not a no-brainer, as the hands and brain co-evolved as a learning and developmental system. One without the other is the foundation of ignorance. Our system of education has maintained a carefully manicured delusion that hands and brain can be separate in their duties, and that the rewards of one vs. the other (and you know which) should be far greater. That is a foolish notion in our nation that we are here to fix.

Today at CSS we welcomed the head of ISACS, the association of independent schools of which we are a part. In addition, my 1st, 2nd and third grade students made pinwheels from an Educational Sloyd design to help illustrate their study of wind and weather.

Make, fix and create...

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