Monday, May 30, 2011

lower visual field...

This is a long video and you most likely would not watch the whole thing. It is useful in understanding the significance of the hands in relation to the brain. We know that the eyes are important, but this video explains that much of the information processed from within the lower visual field is actually devoted to the hands. We constantly watch our hands and observe how they interact with our physical environment. Not only are our hands sensory organs, they are also primary objects of concern for the other senses. It has been well stated that our intellectual growth is the result of our motor activity rather than sensory input. And yet we put children in school situations that restrain their natural investigations.

Today I spent some time cleaning the Clear Spring School wood shop to prepare for this summer's classes with the Eureka Springs School of the Arts. I also planted tomatoes and peppers in containers on the deck. I am hoping to get deeper into growing some of our own food, and this is a very small first step.

Make, fix, create... and grow a few things, too.

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