Sunday, November 21, 2010

dancing to greater wisdom, intelligence and character

What in the world is wisdom, but the integration of character and intelligence blended by experience?

Education week has an article about dance, Schools Integrate Dance Into Core Academics discussing how the arts can put their best feet forward, by proving themselves in support of the rest of schooling.

Yesterday, besides working on my small cabinets, I went to visit an old friend who is dying of lung cancer. She offered her inventory of tool and materials to Clear Spring School and to ESSA for use by others. She was not a professional artist, but one who took great pleasure in exploring her own creativity, and gave encouragement to others through her sincere admiration of their work. Her tools passed into the hands of others is one more way to connect with others in creativity.

Dying from disease is not an easy thing and she is facing her last months with courage. I believe the arts have a way of making us whole, whether it is through the movement of the body or of the hands alone in shaping wood. My friend looks back on her own creative life with a sense of satisfaction and knowing her tools will remain in good hands is a good thing.

Go for it. Live your life to the full. Microsoft has a new means of digital input called the Kinect which senses the movements of your body through the use of a video camera, watching your every move. The world is very excited about it. It may have use beyond gaming in the development of dance and athletics. But there is special meaning to having created something real through your own imagination, effort and skill or with the close cooperative partnership with a great teacher.

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  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

    It's sad to see a friend going that way. My condolences.