Thursday, October 21, 2010

today in my wood shop...

Today I am balancing my time between the wood shop and the computer, trying to learn to use google sketch-up software. I am late on the curve as many woodworkers have been using this software for some time. My objective is to make parts each day for a small, wall hung display cabinet, and each day make the parts also using the 3-d modeling capacity of sketch-up.

Many woodworkers design first and then make. I make first and then design... a bit backwards, but an approach that allows me to make the best use of the materials at hand. Is there a knot in an inconvenient place? I can adjust the design to make use of what I have.

One of the attributes of sketch-up is that I can play with the work as it develops, and check and record the measurements of what I have done, and provide better information for anyone hoping to follow my efforts to create the same piece.

Also, today, I have a call scheduled with an editor at Fine Woodworking, seeking my participation in their new beginning woodworking website.

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