Wednesday, August 18, 2010

summer church camp woodworking

Blog reader Julie McClung sent these photos from her summer church camp, "Growing Interests, Fellowship, Talents and Skills". First they made benches like the ones we use at Clear Spring School, and then they put nearly a hundred kids to work, making things from wood.

Some chose to do things from their own imaginations, and no doubt all will remember their woodworking for the rest of their lives. It can have that kind of effect.

Nice job on the benches, Julie. Also, I like seeing a church equipped with modern woodworking tools. Note the stained glass in the first photo and drill press in the second. The scene takes the idea of carpentry to a new level.

Back when the Scandinavians invented Educational Sloyd, woodworking was perceived as being a means through which to shape character and intellect. When you make something, you either make it with all your heart, or you don't and it is a joyful experience to do so.

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