Saturday, January 09, 2010

an example

According to the NPD report, Children between the ages of 4-14 went from 6 percent using personal digital music players (PDMP) in 2005 to 37 percent in 2009. That is growth in excess of 600 percent over a 4 year period. In addition, the age at which kids are introduced to these devices is in steady decline, meaning that younger and younger children are using them. PDMP's include iPods and other mp3 players. Do these seemingly harmless and fun devices encourage or discourage the kinds of activities that we know kids need? Is there a reason why many schools, including Clear Spring School discourage their use during class time? Do we know how they will affect such issues as child hood obesity and lack of ability to pay attention? Do they increase or decrease social engagement? Do we have any idea what we are doing? Do not expect the consumer electronics industry to take the place of parental guidance and good judgment.


  1. Anonymous5:15 AM

    iPods and the like don't bother me, except when attention should be on the class. Same with cell phones.


  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I feel pods and cell phones are pretty much to blame for are narcistic culture and the continued move away from social to self love. Is the world a better place because of them. I feel no. Just another items or items that only make a few rich and all the rest poor.

    Scrap Wood

  3. Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh! Maybe other people in the world are FINALLY catching up with some of my thouhts on this subject. Primarily humorous thoughts, but watching the effects of the evolution of cell phones and iPods on the human race, has led me to a real concern about personal isolation, along with a future where people may be less able to communicate well face to face.

    It's a most fascinating subject. In fact, in the workplace I recall when the precursors to the iPod were banned, even with earphones. Now, workplaces may encourage their use, with the idea it increases productivity, reduces unwanted communication between employees (conflict too), and isolates employees better than cubicles do.

    What irony! The word verification for this post is ch-rapper! Oh, remember when if you saw someone walking down the sidewalk who seemed to be talking to his/her self, you tried your best to avoid this person, for they might be crazy? While today, that same person on the same sidewalk may walk past you cussing up a storm, while talking insanely on a cell phone. The times they are a-changing!