Thursday, February 26, 2009

making a wren house in pre-school

These photos are of making a wren house with the Clear Spring School Pre-school students. I had pre-cut the parts, but the kids were very proud of their hammering. Nathan says he has his own tool belt and thinks the birds will find the box in four days and begin building their nest. Aleena says the birds will build their nest in the spring.


  1. I saw a blue tit coming out of our nesting box today, made a few years back. It's great that your pre-schoolers are having that experience of making something so early on. Fantastic.

  2. The kids were so excited! They have been bird watching for months at the feeder. The teacher keeps binoculars available and birdwatching is one of their regular activities.

    Now, I need to go back and sneak the thing up higher. The kids were insistent that the right level for it would be where they could peek in. But they could get an eye full of beak and feathers if they looked in at the wrong time.