Thursday, August 07, 2008

My article about Nääs and my visit there in May 2006 has come out in Woodwork Magazine, and I am starting to get notes from readers. I have yet to receive my copy in the mail, but so far the article seems to be awakening further interest in Sloyd.

If you are interested in making your own visit to Nääs, you can use google earth and type in the coordinates:

57º 48' 58.67" N 12º 23' 21.90" E

which will put you in view of the Sloyd woodworking building. Several of my photos of Nääs are featured on Google earth. Wherever you see a blue square click with your mouse. Across the bridge from the Sloyd Teacher training school the penisula (nääs) that gave the school its name. On the peninsula are August Abrahamson's slott or palace, the original dairy barn dating to the 18th century, and the gravesite of August Abrahamson and Otto Salomon.

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