Monday, April 28, 2008

No doubt some of my younger readers will enjoy Make Magazine which gives inspiration and how-to for making all kinds of interesting things, from g-force meters to shoes that would make your feet feel (and look) like they just danced off the Starship Enterprise. I guess I am an old-fashioned maker myself. I like wood, and instead of starting with old discarded junk, I prefer going start to finish from raw wood. Put your time and attention into making something beautiful from wood and it can last centuries instead of just until the batteries wear out. If I can avoid nails or screws, and do at least some of it with hand tools, so much the better.

But we have come to a time in which if people are making anything at all, even weird, outlandish apparati, a miracle is at hand. You can also find out all kinds of interesting stuff, and maybe get inspired to create something wacky and fun at the Make Blog. If you learn something in the process you are hot! Or cool. depending on your generation.

Tomorrow I have a guest in the Clear Spring wood shop from Community School in St. Louis. Rob Knight teaches in a 60 year old woodworking program, so I am honored that we will get to spend time together talking about wood working with kids.

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  1. They also do a a great magazine called CRAFT. Very hip... very fun. So glad you found out about Make. I think Jim Wallace would just LOVE it... and the CSS kids!