Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The photo at left is of two knife boxes designed for an article in Woodcraft Magazine, so this is a preview of coming attractions. One box is cut from a solid chunk of spalted maple and carefully reassembled to maintain the alignment of wood grain and the other is made from cut-off scraps of redwood burl left over from a friend's work as a sculptor. The recesses cut in each for the knife to fit were done using a typical bandsawn box technique. Still to complete are the installation of a lift tab on the spalted maple box, flocking of the interiors, installation of the hinges in the redwood box and application of the oil finish. The redwood box lid and base are dyed with black leather dye and then polished with 0000 steel wool to bring out and re-expose the delicacies of grain. Both will become much more beautiful with the oil finish.

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