Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Clear Spring Elementary and lower middle school are going on their annual spring camping trip on Wednesday of next week. Before I was a teacher at Clear Spring, I was one of the parents that nearly always went camping with the school. There is really no way I can fully describe the richness of the experience. Every trip was different, and to a different location, and as a participating parent I was able to watch my daughter's growth that came as a direct result.

One of the best parts of the camping experience is the way children are prepared to accept greater responsibility and learn leadership skills. All the children are assigned to patrol groups and it is within those carefully selected groups that some of the students get their first taste of democratic governance.

I've attached a couple photos from a camping trip when Lucy was in 6th grade and serving in the elected position of patrol leader. In the photo above, Lucy is wearing a red bandana at the center. The patrols rotate various jobs throughout the 3 days, including cooking, serving meals and clean-up for the entire group.

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  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Ah, school camping trips. Apart from all the trips I took with my sons, the longest one 8500 miles over six weeks all across the country, I also chaperoned my older son's school camping trips for four years.

    Everybody had fun, nobody got hurt, and there was much learning going on at all those trips. I still have grownups stop me on the street to reminisce.