Saturday, February 24, 2007

The image at the left is of a cave painting in whch a stencil of the hands formed the origin and destination of a journey rich in symbolism.

The image of the hands in meditation illustrate how the posturing of the hands can be used to induce prescribed mental states.

I am reminded of a conversation with Eureka Springs artist, Eleanor Lux. I was describing how modern research into gesture indicates the powerful connection between the movement of the hands and human expression through speech. She remembered when her mother would tell her, "sit on your hands" to get her to be quiet or to help her to avoid saying things that might make someone angry. The body language of sitting on hands always tells the observer that there are serious matters being pushed aside, significant feelings being repressed or important words left unspoken.

As an experiment, hold your hands in the position shown in the photo above and note the state of your consciousness. Does the hand posture induce calm? or quiet? Try it. Tell me what you think I tried to put my hands in the position illustrated and found that the geometry of the illustration is impossible for me to duplicate without extreme pain, as the view shown is what you would see in the mirror and not what you would see by looking at your own hands. Under normal circumstances, thoughtful contemplation of my hands often brings peace, stills my heart and quiets my mind.

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